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Dear Vu Ryte:
During the last two years I have had an employment position wherein I use a computer constantly, 8 to 10 hours per day. My neck got tired, my shoulders hurt, and I was beginning to see double. Then my manager showed me the Vu Ryte Document Holder. I had to have it! Not only was my comfort level increased, but my errors significantly declined!

I was also delighted to find out that there was now a riser that could be obtained which provides me with the opportunity of placing my monitor close to eye level. I am now using both the document holder and riser with wonderful results! They were easy to put together (5 minutes at the most), sturdy (I do write on it), and the line locator on the holder is a must for the spreadsheets I have to follow. I am thoroughly spoiled now and intend to always have a Vu Ryte. Thank you Vu Ryte!

Diann Klink,


Dear Vu Ryte:
I recently purchased the VU Ryte Model 18SL. I think you will be pleased to hear that after using the workstation for less than a week, I can already feel a decrease in both eye strain and neck/back pain. The adjustability of the workstation is tremendous. It has proven to be money well spent.

Carol Springer
FIRM Solutions


Figure 1 Dear Vu Ryte:
I’ve been doing ergo consults for workers’ workstations for years and can’t believe someone (you) finally came up with such a fabulous collection. The monitor lifts (VuRysers) are absolutely fabulous and have made my job so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep those creative juices flowing. I just love what you’ve done with the workspace. Your web site is pretty terrific, too. Thanks, again.

Janice Wexler,
V.I.T.A., Inc.


Dear Vu Ryte,
I recently installed a Vu Ryte document holder for an unusual application. This application concerns a quadriplegic.

Prior to the installation of the Vu Ryte, the keyboard lay flat on his desk. In this installation, the Vu Ryte and a few VuRyser 2400s made the perfect holder for the keyboard. Words cannot express how thrilled he was with the Vu Ryte because it could be set at an angle that made it much easier for him to hit the keys with the mouth stick at a 90° angle instead of a 45° angle. The depth adjustability brought the keyboard closer to his wheel chair so he did not have to lean forward. This individual was so grateful to Vu Ryte for providing him with a solution to a problem with which he has had to live.

Product installer


Dear Vu Ryte:

Over the last six years I have tried several types of document holders. The type that attaches to the side of my monitor wasn’t sturdy enough. The same was true of the type that attached to the edge of my desk and the document holder was suspended in mid air with a flimsy arm. The standard type that sat on my desk to the right of my monitor left me with too little desk space.

I saw your ad for “the best document holder in the world”. I agree 100% that it is the best document holder in the world! My document sits right in front of me so I’m not constantly turning back and forth between it and my monitor. It is wonderful to find a company whose advertising stands up to its product – something I find less and less of these days. Thank you for your great product- it helps to make my job a little easier.

Jodi Kompelien,