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"An ergonomic desktop computer accessory that adapts to you, your workstation, your needs."

MemoScape Plus Brings World Class Ergonomics To YOUR Workspace

What is it?? The MemoScape Plus is the most adaptable and flexible ergonomic computer accessory on the planet. It positions documents, organizes your workspace, holds personal technology, and the stuff of life. Now in a plethora of colors and tints to reflect YOUR personality and lifestyle.

MemoScape Plus Adapts to YOU and YOUR Needs

Ideal for ALL workstations, including desktop, Sit-Stand, and split level workstations. MemoScape Plus adapts to you, your needs, your wants, your desires. If you have a Sit-Stand workstation, welcome to "in-line" ergonomics!!!

This is REAL Change…..

  • If you desire an ergonomic in-line document holder and your workstation allows it, no problem, as MemoScape Plus adjusts vertically to become a world class in-line copy holder.

  • If you desire a personal organizer for convenient and accessible support of your personal technology, no problem, as MemoScape Plus has a 12 inch wide easel to support technology, personal notes and the stuff of life.

  • The easel lip is approximately 1/2 inch deep…ideal for up to 50 pages of documents, cell phones, and most tablets.

  • If you have reference documents, no problem, as MemoScape Plus includes an adjustable side mount document support system that attaches to either side, supports documents, pivots in angle and swings out of the way.

  • If your workstation is split level or a below desk keyboard or sit-stand, no problem, as MemoScape Plus adjusts vertically with a unique support wire and ingenious adjustable easel lip height mechanism.

  • MemoScape Plus has 6 different angle adjustments for maximum personal comfort. The angles range from 35 to 60 degrees.

  • Every MemoScape Plus has our innovative “micro-stabilizers” which ensure anti-slip stability on the desk surface. Our “micro-stabilizers” are not an adhesive and leave no residue.

  • MemoScape Plus is available in a veritable plethora of stunning colors and tints to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Gone are the days when your workstation had to be boring and drab. Welcome to MemoScape Plus.

Patented Design of Memoscape Plus Changes Everything

In its expanded position MemoScape Plus maximizes the unused space between your monitor and keyboard... adjusts to 6 different angles, ranging from 35 to 60 degrees... Oh Yes…
The Side Mount Arm and Holder fits on BOTH sides!!!

A plethora of colors and tints to express your lifestyle.

Click below:

VUR 3020 - "Aruba Water"

VUR 3000 - “Aspen Ice”

VUR 4060 - “Tahitian Sunrise”

VUR 4080 - “Camo”

VUR 3040 - “Acapulco Cocktail”

VUR 2080 - “Mt. Everest”

VUR 4020 - “Colorado Sky”

VUR 4040 - “Japanese Violet”

VUR 4000 - “Moroccan Pink”

VUR 2060 - “Arabian Night”

VUR 5020 - “Ireland Countryside”

VUR 3060 - “Red Sea”

VUR 3080 - “Holy Guacamole”

VUR 5000 - “Eclipse”

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