VUR 14DC – Tahitian Sunrise



  • Easel is translucent orange, 14 inches wide, 11 inches tall, and will support up to 150 pages of paper, books, cell phone, or tablet
  • Adjustable in height and angle; allows documents to be placed in-line with monitor and keyboard, which can reduce neck, shoulder, and eye movements and increase comfort
  • Line guide and page clip ensures pages stay open, secure, and in optimal location; made in the USA
  • Base legs are black and provide support to allow easel to dip below desk edge, maximizing desk space
  • Ideal for workstations with below desk keyboard shelf or height-adjustable monitor; if desk space is limited, a great option is MemoScape by Vu Ryte


The Simple but Elegant VUR 14DC Has Redefined Ergonomic In-Line Document Support

No more propping up documents in front of your monitor! The translucent orange, adjustable easel is 14 inches wide and 11 inches tall with a 1 ¼ inch deep easel lip. It is ideal as a textbook holder, a cookbook stand, a tablet holder or cell phone stand, for lists and charts, spreadsheets, documents, or as a paper stand for typing.

No more craning your neck to the side to look at source documents! The base legs fit around the monitor base for any monitor stand up to 13 1/4 inches wide. Utilizing the unused space between the monitor and keyboard maximizes the user’s comfort by reducing neck, eye, and shoulder movement while not taking up valuable desktop space. The VUR14DC enhances any desk décor.


The VUR 14DC is Sleek and Minimal and Totally Adapts to You

The legs of the base are weighted and have the Vu Ryte “Micro Suction Stabilizers.” These stabilizers grab the desktop to provide maximum support and stability. They are not an adhesive and do not leave a residue. For split level or sit-stand workstations, it can be adjusted to drop below the desktop level to maximize desk space. The angle of the easel is also adjustable.

The VUR14DC includes a line guide that adjusts to various document thicknesses so that you keep your place as you work. It also has a remarkably effective page clip on the easel lip to hold a book open or a document in place.


Minimalist Design of the VUR 14DC Adds Simplicity and Organization to your Desktop

If you prefer, move the VUR14DC to a school desk, kitchen countertop, or even a bedside table to hold textbooks, pictures, instructions, or casual reading. The genius is in the simple design that fits in any office décor, whether at work or in a home office.

If you desire a wider easel that easily holds 2 documents side-by-side, check out the VUR18DC. Made in the USA.

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