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  • Kit contains two each of the stackable VUR 2455 monitor stands and an adjustable document support sidearm for personal organization and ergonomics
  • Each monitor stand measures 11 3/8” x 11 3/8 “and 1” and has a 10 ¼” x ½” opening for storage of paper and files
  • The sidearm fits on either side of the monitor stand and positions light documents/notes to the side of your monitor. It is adjustable in angle and swings out of the way when not in use
  • Will support monitors or other office technology up to 60 pounds
  • Can also stack with 2-inch VUR 4855 monitor stand; ideal for small space and home office
  • Color is Black
  • Made in the USA


Paper storage and document support all in one!

This unique desktop solution is a trifecta of desktop ergonomics and organization: monitor height adjustment, paper and file storage, and document support. The kit contains two each of the stackable VuRyser 1 (VUR 2455) monitor stands which allows the user to incrementally adjust monitor height either one or two inches.

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All Vu Ryte Solutions are Proudly Made In the USA.


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