“Red Sea”





  • Holds copy, documents, sticky notes, memos, cell phone, tablet, business cards, photos, small books, journals, and more; ergonomically in-line with monitor and keyboard, which can reduce eye and neck strain
  • Base is 14 X 5 inches; has 6 slots for angle adjustment, allowing the easel angle to range from 35 to 60 degrees; installation is easy, requiring no screws or hardware
  • 12-inch-wide easel holds up to 50 pages; if furniture allows, the easel lip will drop below desktop to increase desk space
  • Includes removable side arm for small/light documents, personal notes, pictures; adapts to fit on either left or right side and pivots
  • Available in assorted colors to allow the user to personalize their workspace
  • Made in the USA



Memoscape Brings World-Class Ergonomics to Your Workspace

Memoscape is a simple yet ingenious desktop accessory that adapts to you, your personal workstation, and your needs.

No more craning your neck to the side to work! Memoscape maximizes the unused space between your keyboard and monitor and positions your documents and other items visually in-line; this can reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain.

No more propping up paper or taping photos to your monitor! Memoscape is perfect for holding documents, resources, cell phones, tablets, cards, sticky notes, photos, writing utensils, and other stuff of life. Get creative and see what else Memoscape can organize!


Memoscape Adapts to You and Your Needs

Memoscape is adaptable even for small workspaces and sit-stand desks. For split-level desks, the lip of the easel can be adjusted to dip below the desktop level. The removable side arm can also be adapted to fit on the left or right side to hold To Do lists, notes, photos, or a favorite quote.


The Simple Ergonomic Solution that Changes Everything

Each Memoscape has our innovative “micro-stabilizers” which provides fabulous stability on the desk surface, leaving no residue.

Memoscape is available in a wide assortment of stunning colors to enhance your own personal home or office décor and express your own personality. Your work space does not have to be dull and drab!

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