VUR 3060 – “Red Sea”





  • Reengineered in  October 2021 to provide 100% greater desktop stability and 40% greater vertical adjustability
  • Positions documents, notes, memos, personal tech, business cards, photos, small books, journals, ergonomically in-line with monitor and keyboard, which can reduce eye, neck, and back strain
  • Recommended for light to medium document support
  • Base is 14 X 5 inches; has multiple slots for angle adjustment; installation is easy, requiring no screws or hardware
  • Easel is 12 inches wide and holds up to 50 pages; we recommend a minimum of 6 inches of deskspace between keyboard and monitor
  • Easel bottom lip has four locations for maximum personal adjustability. If furniture allows, the easel lip will drop below desktop to increase desk space
  • Easel has document wire that flips up to support full sized documents
  • Includes our “Micro Stabilizers” to provide extraordinary stability on desktop
  • Includes removable side arm for small/light docs; fits on either  side and pivots
  • Available in plethora of tints to allow you to personalize the look of YOUR workstation
  • Made in the USA
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